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  • Tri Recs Ruler

    Tri-Recs™ Triangle Ruler

    Tri-Recs™ Triangle Ruler from EZ International is the easy way to make triangles within squares and divided rectangles. The cut-off magic angle makes it easy to align and sew accurately.
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  • tri-recs

    Tri Recs Triangle...

    Tri Recs Triangle Rulers by EZ Quilting is the perfect tool for making triangles.  This package includes both the Tri Tool and the Recs Tool to make perfect triangles up to 6" finished.
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  • Glass Head Pins

    Glass Head Pins

    Glass Head Pins, size 23 measuring 1-3/8" long.   This 200ct white pack of pins have very fine nickel plated steel 0.50mm shaft and extra-sharp points. These pins are ideal for delicate fabrics and have heat resistant glass heads. The glass heads and the extra strength shaft make them the most desired pin available for sewing or craft projects.
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  • Thangles


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  • PN Tote

    Punchneedle Tote

    This Punchneedle Tote is perfect for the beginning punch needle embroiderer.  Included in the clear 13" x 10" bag is a Ultra-Punch Needle Set and 7" Morgan No-Slip Hoop.  All you need to do is pick out your first Punchneedle Kit and you will have everything in one spot ready to go.
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  • Elan Bag

    Elan 13″ x...

    The Elan 13" x 10" bag is made of heavy-duty clear plastic.  This zippered bag is perfect for keeping your projects in one spot and readily mobile.  Great for retreats too!
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