Punch Needle

Toms Night OutPunch needle embroidery was a huge part of why we wanted to start our own store. Mandy was introduced to this needle art at Country Threads and hasn't been able to put it down since.

Punch needle is a hand embroidery technique that uses strands of floss, a punch needle tool, and a pattern that is printed on weaver's cloth. Small loops are formed on the backside of your working surface, creating miniature works of art that resemble miniature hooked rugs. Finished pieces look great framed, and attached to paddles, benches, or on anything that you can find to finish your project up. This needle art is easy to learn and can be enjoyed by all ages!

Punch Needle Kits & Supplies

On our site you will find punch needle kits from a multitude of artists plus supplies to start or finish your project. All of our kits include the pattern printed on weaver's cloth and floss to finish your punch needle art. We also can supply you with punch needles, scissors, no-slip hoops, instant antique and something to put your project on when finished.

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