Monthly Archives: May 2015

Progress on the Building In Town

Here are some progress pictures. We have the ceiling almost done and the new lights up in what my kids are calling the pattern coop. Here is my husband's Dad vacuuming (he volunteered to get on his hands and knees to vacuum).   My nephew and daughter were helping hand things to my Dad as…
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Building Site

We are very happy to announce that we have leased a building on Main St. in Garner.  The location is towards the North end of the street, so will be easy to find (we hope).  We have been doing some remodeling to give it some character and to open up the front a bit.  Pictures…
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Postcard and Pre-cuts

I have an aunt that absolutely loves that I have laying hens.  She is currently in England on a trip and sent me a postcard from the Churchill War Rooms Museum, shown below (sorry it's on its side).  I just had to laugh at the end, when it says ...Your Council Will Collect. We just…
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