Contact Us Form and Spring Fabrics

I was contacted by a few people this last week asking if I received their email that they sent using our Contact Us Form.  My answer was no, we had not and I dug into it.  There was a problem with the form that is now fixed, however we lost any and all requests that anyone had submitted.  If anyone did use one of these forms to try and get a hold of us, please submit a new form or email us at  Thanks for your understanding!

Just as an FYI we just got some spring fabrics in and have been getting them onto the shopping cart.  So...if you are in the mood for Spring to get here, check them out under Windham fabrics (  We got a great deal on them, so they are priced at $8.98!

We are under a winter weather advisory in Northern Iowa this afternoon, so I'm going to hopefully be working with some of these springy fabrics to lift my mood.

Happy sewing!


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