Country Threads November Block of the Month

November is here and that means it's time for another block.  If you find this and know a friend that is following the block of the month quilt; tell them that it's been posted.  I want to make sure everyone finds this so they can finish their quilt.


The block this month is 12" x 18".  Click here for printable directions: November BOM.

8 Responses

  1. Found the block, but no directions. It says click to print, but nothing happens.
    • If you click on November BOM it will open the directions. For some reason the link isn't a different color.
  2. Cant get it to open
  3. Got it. Thanks!
  4. Can you provide the layout part 2 directions, please? I can get it to open on Country Threads website for some reason.
    • I will post it later today. Just be watching for part 2 layout.
  5. Block cutting instructions did open, but you give no instructions on how to sew the pieces together. I can do it just by looking at the block, but perhaps someone new to quilting would like the "how to sew together" instructions. I am very glad that you are following through with Mary's started projects. :-) D
  6. Thank You for keeping on with the pattern
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