February Online Block of the Month

I'm sorry this is a day late, when I took out my laptop to post yesterday it was dead.  I forgot the cord for my computer at work on Saturday and the weather was too icky to go out yesterday, so here we are today.

I chose the pinwheel block because in Northern Iowa the wind is always blowing.  We have quite a few windmills around us and this block reminds me of them.  I found these instructions for making a pinwheel block a few years ago and thought they were pretty slick.  This block measures 10" finished.

February Pic

Click here for printable instructions:  February Block.  I saved this pdf in a way that everyone should be able to print it.  However, if you have problems printing this leave a comment below and I will try saving it a different way.

My daughter Isabel picked #5 for February's UFO number.  I'll be starting a quilt kit that I bought 2 Decembers ago.  My husband liked it so I had high hopes of getting it done for him last year, but it's still in it's bag.  If you want to be eligible for the gift certificate just get me a picture of your UFO #12 by the end of today.  Just email it to me at sales@farmchickquilts.com and I will put it on our Pinterest site (https://www.pinterest.com/amandastromer/).

Happy Sewing



9 Responses

  1. unable to print will try again later
  2. It won't print for me either.
    • Do you know what version of Adobe Reader you are using?
  3. I cannot print..... guess I am not alone.
  4. I've been combing through the Adobe Help, but I'm just not sure why it's not printing for you guys. Part of the problem is that I can print the pdf, so I'm not sure what to change with the pdf to get it to print for you. Here are some things that might help: try updating Adobe Reader, try saving the file on your desktop and printing from there, if this doesn't work try right clicking on the file and choosing Print. Please comment if it's still not working or if people are getting it to open. Sorry this is such a mess. Mandy
  5. Will Not Print!!!
  6. Ok, I have just about run out of ideas for how to get this to work, but I'm hoping that this version will print for you guys. Please, please tell me if it doesn't and I will have to dig a little deeper. The link above is now the new version. Here's hoping it works!
  7. Mandy, I don't know if you've done anything to the pattern since the tenth, but I had no trouble downloading either January or February, or telling it to print. I'm using Firefox on a MacBook Pro computer with the latest Adobe Reader.
    • Thank you for the feedback. It's nice to hear that it's working for someone.