January Online Block of the Month

January is here and so is the first online block of the month!  We're using a different program to make the pattern, so lets cross our fingers that everyone can open it.  We used  red and cream fabrics to make this 10" Farmer's Daughter block, but you can make it using any color way.

January pic


Click here for printable instructions:  January 2015 BOM.

We received shipments of fabric right before Christmas (poor UPS guy) and they are now online.  I will work on getting all of the patterns that we received on, but we have a glitch in our shipping calculations.  As far as we can tell it's only for the patterns and books, but please get a hold of us if you are having problems.  You can always call in your order, too.  Thanks to everyone who made 2014 wonderful and here's to making 2015 a great year!

Happy sewing.


19 Responses

  1. I can't get it to print. But I love the Sister's Choice block.
  2. I think I tried that and it didn't work, but I don't really know what I'm doing either.
    • Try clicking on the link, it might open it or ask you if you want to save it. If you save it, go in and open the file. If you don't have a pdf viewer you might have to download one, but the viewer is free.
  3. I did that and still got a white page. I have pdf already.
  4. I am able to open the Jan BOM, but unable to print??
    • Are you in the Adobe Reader program?
      • yes i am
        • Can you find the print icon? If not try pressing the Control Key and the P key at the same time. This will bring up your printing options.
  5. Thanks for the pattern. I am looking forward to making the blocks each month.
  6. I think I know what the problem is. In December my computer got a horrible virus. The expert "cleaned" the hard drive and I think the Adobe printing program is gone. I'll have to call to see how to get it back. Thanks, Betty
    • Oh no, Betty! I hope you can get this figured out and get your block sewn up.
  7. STILL cannot print the pattern. I tried several methods of doing it and thebest I could was to highlight it all and then right click on "COPY" and then "Paste" into an email to myself (didn't send it, just pasted it). What printed was the TEXT only, not the block graphic. There was a big space where the blockgraphic should be and it was itemized # 1 - 6 but nothing in each of those space/lines where the block should be. My adobe works fine on everything else I load and print ... thinking it is an interface issue on your end ... Thanks anyway for a great and versatile block --- I DO have the cutting pieces dimensions so can sketch the block and go ahead and make it up. Will the 2015 blocks be some kind of "puzzled together Sampler" like Mary has done on Country Threads for the past 2 years? Hope you figure out the issue with getting the block to let us print it.
  8. Thank you for doing the BOM . I like the January block.
  9. Hi Mandy, Love the block, but I agree with others trying to print. It downloads like other pdf files and I can see it on my computer, but when I print, the page is blank. I tried a few different ways, and then tried printing a different pdf file and that worked as normal, and went back to the January bom and it won't print. I thought you would like to know! Sherry
  10. I'm looking into the printing problem this morning. I will hopefully have a fix soon, so check back maybe tomorrow.
  11. yeah!! so excited to start a new year and new projects!! would it at all be possible to include a list of total material for each color/fabric, in addition to what we are to cut from each color? thank you so much for doing this, these are 'sew' much fun!
  12. ....oh, and it printed just fine for me - thanks again!!
  13. Tried all of the above at home and at work and could not get it to print for me either. The best I got was the text by copying and pasting, but no picture of the block. Thanks for offering this on line. What a fun project!