October 2016 Row of the Month

October is here!  I am so glad that the farmers have finally gotten into the fields in North Iowa, we had flooding 1-1/2 weeks ago.  I'm pray for a fast and safe harvest for everyone out in the fields.  Everything is still very green in our yard, meaning we have had to mow our lawn instead of raking leaves!  The shop has been busy with our Fall Festival and Quilting Treasures over at NIACC.  We even had a Fall Pumpkin Punch Needle class.  This kit will be available next week, as I am waiting for floss to arrive.


Here is this month's block and it takes a bit of concentration!  The block name is Crazy Ann and there was a lot of ripping out in my first block.  I've included more detailed instructions than normal in this pattern for an easier time assembling.  I still need to add my spacer units at the ends of the row, but I wanted to get this out as soon as I could.

Click here to download the October instructions.


I picked the last two blocks I'll be making to finish this quilt up, so that I could figure out the amount of white solid you will need for the entire quilt.  I plan on using a red solid or small print to sash between the rows.  You will need 1-7/8 yds. of white solid for all of the rows.  I figured this amount going row by row, so there should be some extra.  However, if I were going to make this into a kit I would probably suggest 2-1/8 yds. or 2-1/4 yds. for piece of mind while cutting.

New things have been coming in, so be checking for them to be on the site around the middle of next week.  Have a great weekend!



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