Past Country Threads Online Block of the Month Blocks

Here is your chance to get caught up on Country Threads' Online Block of the Month quilt.  We have listed below all of the blocks that aren't already on this site.  If you are looking for November or December you'll have to type in a search for those months to find the blocks.  Someone asked if we would consider doing an online block of the month and we aren't sure yet, what do you think.  If you think we should continue on with Country Threads' tradition of doing a block of the month, comment below and we will decide by the middle of the month.  We will post the layout diagram on Friday, so you have the weekend to work on it.  Happy sewing!  -Mandy

January BOM                  June BOM

February BOM                July BOM

March BOM                     August BOM

April BOM                        September BOM

May BOM                         October BOM

9 Responses

  1. This past year was the first time that I have done a BOM with Country Threads and it was a lot of fun! Would be interested in doing another one.
  2. I have done the BOM month quilts for the past 2 years and would enjoy doing it also...
  3. I have enjoyed doing the last 2 years of monthly blocks..... I hope you continue to offer the free patterns. It is fun to do them and to see the end results. I really appreciated the email notice reminding us to go to the site and check out the pattern every month. I am glad that you are taking on the challenge of the quilting business and I wish you the best of luck! Thanks.
  4. Thank you for posting these and taking care of us doing the Country Theads 2014 BOM ;o) I await the release to put it all together.
  5. would love to do another bom!!!!!
  6. This is the first time I've attempted one of these. I don't consider myself a quilter--but I do have lots of scraps to use up. This was a challenge for me--and I did a lot of ripping and starting blocks over. But, I'm really anxious to see what it looks like when it's all put together. I hope you'll continue these. I loved doing it!
  7. Thanks for carrying on the Country Threads tradition of providing online shopping. I hope you will offer a BOM also!
  8. Did I miss something ? I see the final layout of the 2014 mystery quilt, but cannot find the first layout. I also see that there are two February 12" blocks in the final layout! I made a 6" and a 12" block in Feb! Please help. Thanks.
    • Debi, I'll email you the first layout diagram. In one of the months after February Mary decided to have everyone make another 12" block. You still need the 6" block for the quilt. Mandy