Spring Weather

The last few days in Northern Iowa have been wonderful!  Highs in the upper 60 's lower 70 's and lots of sun.  We've mowed the grass twice and even found time to pick up sticks. 
With all of this nice weather comes planting and as my husband is a farmer he gets a little antsy, but I think I'm more antsy than he is.  Yesterday I asked him if he shouldn't be out in the field and he calmly told me that the ground wasn't warm enough yet.  Today, however it was ready and so here's a picture of him getting the tractor ready to plant.


It's been hard to get my girls inside for supper and bed when it's so nice out.  I don't blame them as I too want to soak it up! 
The May block is already to post on Saturday,  May 1st and the UFO number will be picked that morning.  Maybe I should work on my April UFO before Saturday,  or maybe I'll go weed a flower bed...decisions, decisions.


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