Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sale

As today is Thanksgiving; I've been thinking of everything and everyone I am thankful for.  I am the most thankful for my family, who has helped me through the last few months.  My husband has dealt with my moods gracefully and has kept me grounded, as have my children.  My parents have allowed me to use their upstairs as my center of business.  My Mom has also been helping out on her days off and my Dad has been the carpenter making my shelves and cutting table(pictures to come later).  My husband's family has helped with carting my kids around and with moral support, too.

Family Mom Dad

I am very thankful to be able to have this business where I can continue my love of quilting.  I am also thankful for the customers I have, your patience is very appreciated.  We are still working on getting the bugs out of the website, so I ask for a bit more patience.

Because I am thankful for my customers I want to offer everything on the site at 15% off.  This sale will run from Black Friday 11/28 at 8 a.m. til Cyber Monday 12/1 at midnight.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and have fun shopping!


3 Responses

  1. What a great sale! Time for me to stock up for Christmas gifts. Thank you Mandy and family☆
  2. How many mornings do you figure it will take Mary E. to get used to sitting around in her robe watching GMA? Not too long as she has those darling critters to feed is what I'm thinking. Sorry I missed your first sale on Black Friday, but I'll be looking forward to the new fabrics as they come into your shop. What a great adventure for you and your two sweet daughters.
    • Mary is already loving her retirement. I couldn't get together with them on Tuesday of this week, but her and Connie, Mary B., Joan and I think Ina did some sewing. Thank you and yes it is nice to have my daughters with me more.