Vacation Days and Mystery Quilt

My family and I will be going on vacation starting August 1st through the 6th.  My mom, Karen, has volunteered to man the shop on Saturday so we will only have to be closed Tuesday the 4th - Thursday the 6th.  You can still shop online, but know that it won't be sent until I'm back in the shop.

Have you ever done a mystery quilt?  This fall we are excited to be offering Border Creek Station Mystery Quilt Club called Quilter's Legacy.  When we saw this quilt we instantly fell in love with the pattern and the light colors, Mon Ami by Basic Grey shown below.  We thought people might like it in a darker palette, so we are offering it in two colorways.  Maple Island by Holly Taylor is our darker fabrics choice and we can't choose which one we like better.  Not only can you choose between two different colorways, but you can also choose between Queen size (98" x 98") and Lap size (59" x 78").

All Together MA

Mon Ami by Basic Grey

Maple Island

Maple Island by Holly Taylor


This is an 8 month project starting in October that you can come to the shop for the Club or if you don't live around us you can work on it at home.  Cost for the club is $185 for the Queen size project and $120 for the Lap size project.  This price includes fabrics to finish the top, binding, pattern, and Club fees or mailing costs if you are participating at home.  We are offering two different ways to pay for the club.  If you want to pay up front we are offering a 5% discount, bringing the Queen size price down to $175 and the Lap size price down to $114.00.  We are also giving you the option to pay monthly.  To hold your place if you choose to pay monthly there is down payment of $50 for the Queen size quilt or $40 for the Lap size quilt due at sign up.  Monthly payments are then $16.88 for the Queen size and $10 for the Lap size.  We need to have everyone signed up before September 15th, so to get in on the fun choose which size and colorway you want to make and call us at 641-430-6341 or emailing us at

Happy sewing and have a great week!


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