Gelato 2-1/2″ Strip Set

Have you ever had to have something that is totally not you?  I don't normally "go" for modern quilts, they are gorgeous, but they don't speak to me like more traditional ones do.  When I saw these Gelato strips, though, I had to have them.  Don't ask me what we will do with them, right now they are set out on the cutting table and I look at them all day.  I'm sure inspiration will strike, but I have to get another project done before I can start anything new (I sometimes tell myself this 2-3 times a day)!  If you would like one of these gorgeous Gelato Strip Sets, click here and have a wonderful weekend.

Gelato Roll

2 Responses

  1. I bought a jelly roll of that at the Dallas Quilt Show in March. I made a quilt top with it already and I love it. You can see it on my Instagram account - sckett. It's the best ombré fabric I've ever seen.
    • Very cool! What pattern did you use?