Tan Dye Instructions From An Expert

I had a question from a customer about how the ladies at Country Threads tan dyed?  I myself had never done it; so I asked an expert, Mary Baker, Country Threads' manager for as long as anyone can remember.  Here was her answer:

* For pieces less than 1/2 yard I boil water on the stovetop, dissolve the Rit dye in the water, add the fabric and turn the burner off. I let the fabric sit in the water- the longer it sits, the darker the tan. When I like the color, I drain the fabric in the sink. If I want streaks in the fabric, I leave it crumpled until it's almost dry then hang it to dry it completely. If I want it to be even, I put the fabric in the clothes dryer.
*For larger fabric pieces, I fill the washer with the hottest water, dissolve the tan dye by agitating it in the washer for a few minutes, add the fabric, agitate again for a few minutes and turn off the machine and let it sit. Then I spin it out well, throw the fabric in the dryer and run the washer with laundry soap to clean the washer.

Mary Baker has been keeping busy with her house that was completely redone from the basement up!  After they built a new garage with apartment above they decided to not remodel the house, but to build new.  She is very excited to have a basement that doesn't have water in it constantly!  They will move in later this month, hopefully, and then after everything is settled they plan on having their apartment above the garage be a bed & breakfast.


3 Responses

  1. That's exactly how I used to do it except I added about 1/4 - 1/2 cup of salt in the hot water (depending on much fabric I was dying) to help set the dye.
  2. Can you say if the tan dying will wash out? Or is it more or less a permanent color change to the fabric?
    • It is more or less permanent, but if you do wash it a lot it will fade.