UFO number for January

January's UFO number is 12.  I had my daughter Evie pick so there was no cheating.

Last year was not a good year for working on UFOs for me, so a lot of those UFOs are going on this year's list.  This month's project for me is to finish my daughter Isabel's quilt top.  This is perfect because I had planned on trying to work on it with her before school starts back up. 

I tried to get some of the gals from Country Threads to make up a list but they were in agreement that they didn't want to have to follow a list.  I would love it if you would post what you're number 12's are.

Happy sewing!


5 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting and continuing the UFO monthly draw. Evie did a good job and I commented about you continuing the Monthly UFO drawing on Mary E's Chicken Scratch. So glad I checked your shop today Mandy. Thanks. I'll be working on my #12 during the two pro football games today. Launa in CA
  2. Glad you are doing the UFO's !!! Mine is to clean my craft room ! Yikes :/
  3. I have not done this in the past, but I really need to work on UFOs this year. #12 is a quilt made out of blocks that my mother and I embroidered many years ago. It only needs binding so hopefully I can get that done. Thanks for the motivation.
  4. OK Mandy, you and my guilt win...my #12 is the same wedding quilt I didn't finish in 2014. It's the Circle Dance pattern by Elisa's Backporch, queen size in grays and mustards. It's all cut out and I'm sewing 365 curved seams!
    • Yikes, Mary! It's a good thing everyone is homebound with the below zero temperatures and the expected snowfall. Good luck!