Working on UFO #12

My UFO for this month was to work on a wall hanging for my daughter Isabel.  She's been wanting a sewing lesson for a while, so here we are.  She was doing very well at keeping her 1/4 inch seam until I stood up to take a picture.  She learned that the 1/4 seam is very important and that everyone has to rip seams out from time to time.  She got the top and bottom borders on and then lost interest.   I finished up the side borders,  so all that is left to do is the appliqué.   I then had my iron conk out on me and quit for the afternoon.  


I hope everyone had time to work on or even finish their UFO for January.  As you get them done send me a picture at:   I'll get them on our Pinterest site and get you started toward getting a $50 gift certificate.  This will be given out in July to the person who completes their UFOs for the first 6 months and gets me their pictures by the end of that month they are due in.

Happy sewing.


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